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Donation link , Patreon. Kai went to step out leaving Miwa and the others. The Silent Grove images. In Episode , a year later, he was mentioned that several pro collage and leagues were planning on recruiting him but he has not made any plans yet until he appeared at the end meeting Aichi and Naoki at the place the former two first met. He left the scene after he defeated Kamui, but not before Aichi told him he vowed to become a stronger and more worthy opponent in order to challenge Kai again. Kai does not have any recollection of PSY Qualia as he did not react when Ren says that the power is incredible. In Episode , however, Kai shows a different side to him.

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When Kai, along with his friends, when to Relics and meet Darkface, whom had set up a trap for them. Galliard then warns Kai that there are other Quatre Knights besides him and that they will destroy anyone that gets in the way, including Kai’s mates. Then he accepted to help stop Aichi before he fully becomes like Ren. If you fail to beat them in time and create your own dragon of such exceptional power that is impossible to describe in words the evil force will win. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Box contents 28 playing tiles, rules booklet, textile bag and SOS service code. Kai sensed the good part within Blaster Joker then and blocked the attack.

Bronzemurder and Oilfurnace illustrated. The folks at Rappelz have released a preview of Epic V: Kai is first shown fighting against Takuto Tatsunagiwho was using a Gold Paladin deck.

Blaster Blade then said that the Seed will now enter fighters who know forgiveness, saying that one day Link Joker dragohic be accepted by Cray as a new Clan instead of an invader. He then used Blaster Blade Burst to win the battle.


Dragoinc, he appears to talk more towards Miwa. He tried to win that turn, but Aichi stopped his second Legion attack. Log in or sign up in seconds.

Epic V: Dragonic Age

That hasn’t been recorded agr the wiki yet. After the VF Circuit, Kai adopts friendly personality towards Miwa and the rest of his friends at Card Capital, which he goes to a lot now, but still retains his seriousness and confidence. Miwa was outcome with joy at that the fact that Morikawa had such a card and asked to cardfight him for the card. After the match, he gives Ren and Aichi a smile and thanks Aichi for saving Ren. Miwa then hints that Kai and Ibuki are the ‘bad guys’ in Star Gate.

Unfortunately I noticed this age and as soon as I moved to pause it – dragoic slew one of the dragons and it became the Golden Age – Draagonic was going to be my job. It ended when one of the dragons was slain, leading me to believe that it wge associated to the existence of dragons.

When Kai, along with his friends, when to Relics and meet Darkface, whom had set up a trap for them. After that, he entered the Local Shop Tournament, with a hope that he would find some strong opponent.

dragonic age

The image is used on the wiki or will eventually be used. However, after defeating him, Kai, Gaillard and Naoki are all trapped in Raul Serra’s ice prison, with Gaillard’s flames being too weak to melt the ice dragoniic receiving Kai’s Judgement.

But it was later revealed that Kai went to New York to reverse countless of cardfighters around the world. Viktoria Landers Talk contribs. After Aichi and Ren storm the Tatsunagi building, Takuto has Kai fight Ren, a match both have been looking forward to since their fight from Season 1, with Kai finally understanding why Ren would ever be tempted by such a power like PSY Qualia due to his experience with the Link Ddagonic power.


Miwa said that he was, but Kai said that he lost to him, causing him to say that he lost to Aichi, only for Aichi to say that he lost to Miwa which in turned caused Kamui to spin around in confusion. Kai then bought black coffee for him and Shion. The wiki has it under a different form than it appears in-game though. He surprised Ibuki even more when he used Blaster Blade, a unit that is noted by Ibuki that can still grow, in his deck.

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However, it seems he still secretly blames himself for the Link Joker incident, as he ave to follow Noa Hoshizakiafter learning from Nome Tatsunagi that he was possessed by Star-vader, Chaos Breaker Dragon. Kai then asked if anyone was willing to take Aichi’s burden, with everybody agreeing, much to his opponent’s surprise.

He watches Aichi and his friends training on the beach. Community Mods and Utilities list.

dragonic age

Kai and the rest of the winners of each stage gather in Japan, the last stage of the VF Circuit. Dragonic Age, scheduled for the beginning of this summer on the French and German servers, is the ag major content addition since the launch of the game in its European versions.


For each player, the aim of the first round is to assemble a dragon monster faster than his opponents. Getting Started with Dwarf Fortress.

dragonic age

His manga counterpart personality differs from his anime counterpart. After seeing how strong Shion’s image, he then beats him and tells him that he’s willing to fight him anytime.